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The Cyber Club™ is the brainchild of Professor Richard Benham one of the world’s foremost cyber and digital experts and Angela Edwards a leading figure in the business community. Extensive research and feedback from the business community combined with the support of Gloucestershire Police Constabulary have all attributed to the formation of The Cyber Club™.

Cyber In The Boardroom

An Executive workshop lasting three hours that takes Owners, Senior Executives and Management through the business opportunities and risks the emerging digital world presents. Interactive and practical it allows participants to understand and think about Cyber Security issues as well as undertaking an attack scenario case study that can be tailored to a personalised action plan.

The National Cyber Awareness Course

The Course is nationally recognised having been launched at The House of Commons in 2015 and supported by business, academia, government, charities and even the Prime Minister. A simple two hour non-technical course designed to be engaging, relevant, easy to follow, interactive and allow all your staff to complete a set standard of cyber awareness understanding how better to protect themselves in and out of the work place.

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Registered members receive a customised online experience and instant access to The Cyber Club which is an Independent, trusted partner to your organisation for all things Cyber.

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Premier membership is organisation wide and enables your entire business/organisation to take advantage of all these extra benefits from a single trusted independent introducer.

Why is this important?

In the UK, we are seeing a distinct trend to organisations being either fined by the authorities or sued by customers or staff if their data is lost. If your business can show it has taken suitable steps it is reasonable to expect that any fines or damages would be mitigated. Membership of The Cyber Club™ is designed to help you achieve this.

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Our Team

Meet the people behind The Cyber Club™
Professor Richard Benham
Professor Richard Benham
Richard Benham is the World’s first formal Professor of Cyber Security Management and lectures at Coventry Business School.
Angela Edwards
Angela Edwards
Angela Edwards is a leading figure in the world of business. Having worked in business and sport for most of her life.
Nigel Church
Nigel Church
For over 25 years, Nigel has negotiated and managed multi-year contracts with multinational organisations.

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BSi ISO27001 Accreditation

BSi ISO27001 is an international standard published by the International Standardization Organization (ISO), and it describes how to manage information security in a company.

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