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Join TheCyberClub™ today and better protect yourself and your organisation. TheCyberClub™ is an affordable way to stay connected to the latest news, threats and answers in the world of cyber. There are stories everyday on the news of organisations of all sizes becoming victims of cyber crime and being better informed is one of the key ways to protect yourself.

A direct line to Professor Richard Benham and leading experts will ensure you have the expertise and guidance you will need and also access to world class training and trusted suppliers. The biggest cyber threat to any business is the human element, whether employees accidentally open malicious emails, divulge passwords, permit data breaches and so on….TheCyberClub™ helps to prevent these.

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Each member will a receive a life-sized Cyber Citizen as part of TheCyberClub membership, additional Cyber Citizens can be purchased separately for £95.00 + vat each (and can be personalised).

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