Cyber Insurance

As part of your membership, you are entitled to a complimentary Independent Insurance appraisal which will include Cyber Security Insurance and 24/7 Emergency Response cover. A comprehensive appraisal is required to ensure no products or services are incorrectly sold and all insurances in place are taken into account.

Our aim is to ensure all members get the best independent advice.

Please find below a number of independent Insurance companies we work with.

Cass Stephens

Cass Stephens

Established in 1966, Cass-Stephens Insurances has a long and enviable reputation for providing impartial, independent and professional insurance broking and risk managements services to businesses throughout the United Kingdom.
At Cass-Stephens we firmly believe that they key to getting the insurances right for a business is by undertaking a full review of what the business does, how it does it, who it buys from, who it supplies, where it is based and the actual risks it faces. By undertaking such a full risk review we can ensure that if fire, flood, theft, mistake, accident or injury, our clients can rely on their insurer.
One of the emerging and most damaging of risks that business now face is a cyber or data related attack or loss. The “cyber insurance” market is still evolving with ever new products to meet these threats and the suitability of those chosen requires careful thought to ensure they are suitable.
We are delighted to be working with Professor Benham and TheCyberClub team, and look forward to providing fellow members with both best advice and competitive premiums.