GDPR Made Easy

Government Legislation known as GDPR being introduced in 2018 requires all organisations to protect personal data of individuals.

To not do so will result in both a possible fine and a legal obligation to disclose any personal data loss such as those held on customers or staff. This can seriously affect an organisations reputation with customers, suppliers and even its own staff.

This two hour workshop will remove the myth around the new law and help your business prepare for what is ahead. Hosted by Professor Richard Benham and one of our panel lawyers this is one not to be missed.

Join over 600 business people who have attended these workshops over the last 3 months.

GDPR made easy. These 2 hour workshops break this big subject down in to bit size chunks that everyone can understand and implement into their business. Some areas covered include: 

  1. Data audit and accountability
  2. Consent
  3. Legitimate interests
  4. Transparency and privacy notices
  5. Contractual terms

Join us and get GDPR ready with the experts!



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